"Dr. Lise Naugle has been a colleague of mine for over a decade. She is intelligent, enthusiastic, conscientious, and compassionate. Lise is excellent at identifying underlying barriers to wellness and helping clients get back on track with their healing. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health."

~ Edie Sucher, ND

"I have had a positive experience with Dr. Naugle...starting with the fact that she was willing to listen.. She looked at the big picture instead of focusing on symptoms. I am very appreciate of the fact that she is also willing to talk with and listen to a teenager, and she is sympathetic with how she feels. I would highly recommend her to everyone."

~ B. Parker

*Although licensed as a naturopathic doctor in the state of Washington, Lise is currently not practicing as such, but instead practices complementary and integrative health and wellness care using principles she has developed in the creation of The Art of Sustainable Wellness.

What people are saying about Lise and The Art of Sustainable Wellness:

"Dr. Lise Naugle  is easy to work with and a competent practitioner who always gives good, sound practical advice.  I would recommend her as a healthcare consultant who has insight into and experience with adrenal fatigue and stress-related illnesses."

~Dr. James L. Wilson
author of Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome
President, ICA Health and Future Formulations

"Dr. Lise Naugle is one of the finest health care practitioners that I have had the pleasure to know.

~Sharon Henry,  RN

Director of Nursing 

"Lise Naugle is a very knowledgeable, careful natural health care practitioner.

 Dr. Naugle  helped me support my body naturally so my physician and I could limit the number of medications and minimize side effects. Getting her perspective on various issues helped me navigate the medical world with more confidence.

She takes her time, so I never felt rushed. She’s light-hearted and encouraging, but also thorough."

~Gale Derrick

"Dr. Naugle has been invaluable to me in the assessment of a very difficult case. She went above and beyond what I ever expected... As many of us make the transition from allopathic to functional medicine, it is those elite professionals such as Dr. Naugle who make the process so much easier. I highly recommend her as both a clinician and advisor."

~Dennis McCracken, M.D.

Physician, Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine


"I have had the experience of working with hundreds of individuals throughout my career, but few have had the combination of talent, work ethic, and character of Dr. Naugle. 

  Her holistic and compassionate approach to health and wellness make her an exemplary mentor, educator, and coach."  

~Chet Loveland

Corporate CVS, Caremark

. I have never experienced this excellent level of care from any other health care practitioner. She is quite thorough and a joy to work with!"

~Elia Mulshine

"I don't know how you did it, but you did! I feel so much better, and with such great ease. Thank you." 

~Mary Harrow, D.O.


"Dr Naugle,simply stated, is OUTSTANDING! She has helped my son with gut issues and most recently with post concussion issues - resolving each set of issues starting on the very first visit.

I am now working with her for weight loss - and am receiving such excellent support both physically and emotionally - so much more than I'd ever expected or dared to hope for! Success and a path back to 'balanced' is guaranteed!

Lise has an unbelievable ability to look at the whole picture and provide a path to resolution that is, seriously, second to none. OUTSTANDING!"

~Barb J.

"Lise is an energetic, passionate speaker. She engages her audience to consider and reflect on the topics she discusses. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the topics of nutrition, health, and wellness. It was a pleasure to have her speak at my institution."

~Dena Samuels, PhD

Director of University of Colorado, Colorado Springs' Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion

"Lise brings a rare combination of wellness tools to her passion in preventive medicine, health, and well-being. I highly recommend her."

 ~Christine Stevens 
author of Music Medicine and The Healing Drum Program.