She uses a blend of complementary and integrative natural health and wellness practices:



to help you understand your body and use this knowledge to optimize your health

wellness lifestyle design 

to help you refine your goals, discover your choices,

and create a life that supports your unique needs, desires, and goals,  in a way that works for you  

        mind-body integrative healing  

             to support mindfulness and whole body-mind communication,   enhance awareness, and align subconscious needs with conscious goals


       stress reduction techniques

   simple, practical tools to promote a sense of calmness,

move through stressful or traumatic feelings, cultivate joy,

and be more resourceful under pressure  

health rhythms drumming

an evidence-based program to reduce stress, improve mood,

enhance immunity, and build community

nutritional education     

 to support optimal functioning of body systems    

                                                  herbal extracts      

                                        to support health and wellness   

                          movement, play, and exercise support


Lise specializes in supporting healthy optimal function of the body in people who have  issues or diagnoses such as the following:

Fatigue (including adrenal insufficiency (sometimes referred to as “adrenal fatigue”), chronic fatigue, or simply low energy)

Stress due to work, health, relationships, or a life transition that is affecting energy levels, mood, digestion, or hormone or immune function

Challenges with weight or food

Food sensitivities or allergies

Feelings of being “stressed out

Difficulty sleeping

Hormonal issues (of the thyroid, adrenal, or sex hormones)

Difficulties balancingblood sugar (high or low)

Metabolic Syndrome Components such as excess belly fat, increased cholesterol or triglyceride levels, elevated blood pressure and blood sugar 

Feeling wired and tired
at the same time

Digestive problems such as irritable bowel, acid reflux, or constipation

People who just don’t “feel like they used to” and desire more vitality  and "joie de vivre"



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