Are we a good match?

If so, you probably have many,

but not necessarily all, of the following characteristics:

You are successful in certain areas of your life but find yourself stressed or out of balance in other areas.

You'd like to explore the value of complimentary and integrative approaches to health and wellness.

You want to be an active participant in designing and creating the life and health you want rather than hoping for someone or something to “fix” you.

You enjoy learning. You want to understand how your body functions and how your activities, thoughts, food, and environment impact your wellness.

You “play well with others,” communicating your needs while respecting others’ boundaries, and you expect the same in return.

You are in a profession where you are used to putting others first such as a nurse, teacher, doctor, fire fighter, police officer, EMT, parent, or therapist; in a career that monopolizes your time, focus, and energy or requires a great deal of travel; or in transition figuring out what you want to do next.

You have a creative side and are willing to step outside the box to meet your needs.

You aspire to more than getting by, and you are willing to commit the time and energy it takes to move yourself towards optimal health and vibrant wellness.

You're interested in prevention- of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic disease.

You are unique. You choose to work with someone who takes the time to get to know you rather than treating you as a number.